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I am a customer of a previous version of Sarbacane. Can I benefit from an upgrade offer to Sarbacane 3?

All customers of a previous version of Sarbacane can benefit from an upgrade offer to the version 3 of the software. To do this, you should have the activation key of your previous version of the Sarbacane software and follow the procedure on the upgrade page.
Visit the upgrade webpage now!

If you have lost your activation key, we can send you on the email address you filled during the registration of the software or during your purchase if you placed your order online.
Recover my licence

If I am user of a previous version of Sarbacane, can I install the trial version of Sarbacane 3 on the same computer?

Of course, you can install the trial version of Sarbacane 3 on a workstation where an other version of Sarbacane is installed. That is the same for the full version of the software. Sarbacane 3 is installed by default in its own directory. For test it, or even to pass progressively from a version to another, there is no problem to use different versions on a same PC.

Can I retrieve my work done with a previous version of Sarbacane on the new version on Sarbacane?

You can retrieve your campaigns and results by following the procedure of campagne importation from the Sarbacane 3 software. The campaign will become available in the campaigns list of the new version. Repeat this takedown with all campaigns created with an old version and you want to open with new version.

Which pricelist does apply?

All prices are available in the subscription area. Click here to visit it now.

Why can Sarbacane 3 be ordered only in form of subscriptions?

The Sarbacane software has evolved a lot these last past years. More and more services have been added inch by inch like the event Tracking, the Professional Routing Service, the mailing-list, etc. Services having become more and more important, complementary to the software interface, the activation key is become a subscription giving access to a whole range of services. During the whole period of subscription, you can benefit of the full software and the whole services selected with your subcription.

How can I order and pay?

You can purchase your subscription to the software all days, 24h/24 on your website on the online store. Toutes les formes de paiement sont autorisées : bank card, bank check and bank transfer.

If you need additional informations, you can contact the commercial department through the contact form or by phone at +33(0) 328 328 325.

On how many computers can I install the Sarbacane 3 software?

The licence contract allows the use of the software for only one user but tolerate the installation on several workstations, at the condition that Sarbacane does not used at the same time on different PC.

If you want to learn more on our multi-computers, we invite you to contact the commercial department through the contact form or by phone at +33(0) 328 328 325.

Do you ship a pack or the is software only available per download?

The software is only sold per download for all countries except France Metropolitan.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

At the end of your subscription, the software changes automatically in trial mode. Tracking and Professional Routing Services will be not available for new campaigns anymore. Results of old campaigns launched during your subscription period stay still downloadable and available in reading even when the period is expired.

How can I extend my subscription to the Sarbacane 3 software?

For the yearly subscription, you will receive few days before the end of your subscription, some notifications by e-mail. Then you will have to login in your Sarbacane account and to follow instructions to renew your services and the anniversary date of your subscription.

For the monthly subscription, this one is renewed automatically each month with your bank card. You are informed by email when the renewal is done. When you want, you can login in your account and terminate your subscription. In this case, your subscription will expire normally at its anniversary date, it will not be renewed automatically by our system anymore.

What kind of technical support bring you to customers of the Sarbacane 3 software?

We have a technical support platform, where our technicians are able to answer to your whole technical problems. To visit this platform, click here.

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