Sarbacane 3, logiciel emailing professionnel
Espace client

mass e-mails sending

First steps on Sarbacane 3

Sarbacane 3 emailing software allows you to manage your personalized e-mailing campaigns on your computer very easily. Import your recipients (txt, csv, xls, mdb, sql file...), write your message or take inspiration from one of the included templates then set and plan your sending. That's as simple as an e-mail client.
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analyze the stats

Measure the audience and the impact of your campaigns

The Personalized Tracking Service included in the full version of the software allow you to measure precisely feedbacks of your campaigns. Count and identify openings, clicks and unsubscriptions.
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don't worry

Take profit of the Professional Routing Service

With the Professional Routing Service, entrust a true specialist of e-mailing with the definitive sending of your campaigns. This functionality allows you to increase considerably the delivery of your sendings and will fix your problems with blacklists and spam filters.
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