Sarbacane 3, logiciel emailing professionnel
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Prepaid subscription: you pay at once for the whole year.
All your credits can be used immediately. They are valid for one year.
You get the best price and use your credits as you want.

* Yearly subscribers can use all their credits immediately; they are valid for one year.
1 credit = 1 sent email (see table below).

Premium offers include

Software updates
Get regular updates and new Premium features

Easy email creation
The WYSIWYG editor allows you to import or design your own messages. And also free email templates are available if needed.

High delivrability routing service
Use our Professional Routing Service to increase your email deliverability. More infos

Server identification of bounces
Sarbacane automatically blacklists bounces (invalid addresses) and unsubscribed recipients.

Message previews
Before sending, check your email campaign’s look in several email accounts.

Tracking service
Analyse and export detailed statistical data such as the opening rate, the click-through rate…

Your recipients can be located on a map. It is useful for email campaigns from a geographical targeting.

Google Analytics
See the impact of your email campaigns on your website traffic.

Unlimited support
Our team will be happy to answer your questions and guide you if needed.

Delayed send function
Get your campaign ready to send and simply schedule the date and time of sending.

Managing recipients
Import your contacts from multiple sources, avoid any duplication, clean your invalid addresses...

Personalized emails
You can personalize your email campaigns with first names, family names, cities… for every recipient

Need a lot more credits ?

+33 (0) 328 328 040

Payment means

Credits card Bank transfer

Routing credits allow you to send your e-mailing campaigns through the Professional Routing Service.
The number of necessary credits for the sending of your campaign depends on its weight.

A credit is equivalent to a message weighing up to 195 KB (200.000 bytes) : » message from 0 to 195 KB = 1 credit/address processed by the Professional Routing Service » message from 196 to 390 KB = 2 credits/address processed by the Professional Routing Service » message from 390 to 585 KB = 3 credits/address processed by the Professional Routing Service » and so on in multiples of 196 KB NB : When using the Professional Routing Service, a button in the software sending parameters allows you to estimate the cost in credit for your campaign.

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