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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you in the installation, the configuration and the functioning of your software, we propose to you a list of the frequently asked questions by Sarbacane users.
These FAQ answer to the most part of questions and problem you can enconter in the use of your software. We advise you to read carefully before to send us your assistance request to our hotline support.

FAQs list

10 errors to avoid 
What are errors to avoid when sending mailings?
3092 times
Error 10053 or 10054 
During the sending of my campaign, I have this message from the SMTP server "10053" or "10054"...
2880 times
Sending through Gmail 
Impossible to send my campaign to Gmail, Google addresses
2705 times
An efficient sending  
How to send a large number of emails with no restrain and no risk to overload my mail server?
2685 times
Routing credits 
How many messages can I send with one routing credit?
2650 times
Procedure of monthly subscriptions 
How do monthly subscriptions work?
2592 times
.NET Framework v4 undetected 
Why Sarbacane does not detect the presence of the Microsoft .NET Framework?
1076 times

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