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Personalized Tracking Service

The Personalized Tracking Service is included in the Sarbacane 3's interface. It is a complementary service made for detecting openings, clicks and unsubscriptions of the recipients.
Detailed reports give you precisely activities of each recipient (with date, time, number of actions and even geographical localization) and some printable graphics are generated.
This advanced statistical tool is very useful to:
  • estimate the global performance of e-mailing campaigns
  • optimize the efficiency of message's links, images and objects
  • target your contacts better and organize efficient dunning
  • manage automatically subscriptions and unsubscriptions

  • Personalized analysis

    Download tracking data from our servers in real time and get detailed and individualized reports of openings, clicks and unsubscriptions. Events are detailed with date, time, number, geographical localization... and the results can be graphically interpreted in the form of charts you may reuse for demonstration, reports...

    Tracking data's advanced processing

    Indexation, marking and sorting functions make data's segmentation easy. Export data according to criteria in the format of your choice. Create new campaigns by using sorted contacts as recipients. Manage subscriptions and unsubscriptions to your mailing lists automatically. You can define an unsubscribe link (some templates are given).

    Recipients' geotracking and targetting

    Sarbacane allows you to localize contacts on a map, carry out targetting and geographical segmentation advanced processings, and create dunning campaigns by using targetting results. Learn more about this


    Other features...

    Identification of "heat zones" (density of clicks on the message's links), personalization of tracking URLs with your own domain name... Learn more about this

    If you already are a Sarbacane 3 customer, we offer you a demonstration campaign with Personalized Tracking Service. To do this please check if you get the latest version of Sarbacane and enable the free tracking in your next campaign (less than 10.000 recipients).

    How to enable this function in my software?

    Personalized Tracking Service is available in all the Sarbacane subscriptions, except Standard pack.

    If you are not a Sarbacane customer yet, you just have to choose the pack you need according to your needs. Click here to choose your subscription

    If you already are a Sarbacane customer with no access to Personalized Tracking, login to your Sarbacane account and modify your subscription online.
    Click here to login to your Sarbacane account


    "A simple and efficient interface. We totally enjoy the high applicability of this software. I am now addicted to the tracking function!"
    Patricia SIMON
    "Within a three-steps campaign, we opted for Sarbacane because it was the most efficient solution we tested. Reliable and powerful. We also often use the Routing Service in order to benefit from all options of the Tracking, which is particularly important for a comprehensive analysis of our sendings. "
    Jean-Dominique DALLOZ
    "A very interesting and efficient solution. Thanks to many tests, we can check the whole configuration of a campaign before sending it, which decreases many risks. The tracking function is a huge advantage, and certainly not only for us. We definitely recommend Sarbacane."
    Laurent LACQUA

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