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Automatic shutdown conditions

When you create an automatic campaign scenario with Mailify Sunrise, you can define conditions for automatically stopping your scenario.

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When a stop condition is defined, and one of your recipients meets the criteria defined by this condition, he is automatically excluded from the scenario and will no longer receive any messages.

A stop condition is defined by default: unsubscribing.

As soon as your recipient unsubscribes, he will no longer receive any messages from your scenario (provided that the unsubscribe list associated with a message is the same as the one associated with your campaign).

To customize your automatic shutdown conditions, go to the advanced settings of your automatic campaign trigger, then click on the "Automatic shutdown" menu.

You can add your own shutdown conditions: for example, when a recipient has become a customer; when a recipient has placed an order; when a data is missing in a particular column; when a data matches a value in a particular column; etc.

Many shutdown conditions are possible, it is up to you to customize them according to the needs of your activity, but be careful not to add too restrictive conditions otherwise your automatic scenario will never be triggered.

On the other hand, do not be too lax and use the right stopping conditions in order not to send unsolicited, or inappropriate messages to your recipients.