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Triggers, actions, conditions... What are they?

When you create an automatic workflow with Mailify Sunrise, there are 3 elements to take into account:

  • The trigger is the initial event that will set the workflow in motion. There are several types of triggering events: a new registration added to a list (subscription to a newsletter, new order placed, new customer, new prospect...), a date reached (birthday, renewal, etc.), or the update or modification of data in your list (prospect becomes a customer, update of personal data, etc.).
  • Actions: As soon as the automatic scenario is triggered for one of your recipients, you will have the possibility to trigger one or more actions throughout the course of the workflow. Similarly, you can trigger new actions as your recipients meet the different conditions defined in your workflow scenario. The actions are sending an email or SMS campaign or inserting a contact in a list. Learn more about the actions.
  • Conditions: Conditions correspond to criteria your recipients must meet in order to enroll in certain stages of your workflow. They allow you to adapt your actions (sending a message or inserting in a list) according to the behaviour of each of your recipients. You can set conditions for each message in the workflow (email as SMS), and define which actions are triggered when that condition is met. For email messages, you can set the following types of conditions: "opened", "clicked", "unsubscribed", and "bounced". For an SMS messages, you can select any of the following conditions: “received", "clicked", "unsubscribed", "bounced". Learn more about the conditions.

Watch the video on this topic: