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Trigger type: Registration.

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The workflow starts each time a new contact is added to the list of your choice.

This trigger is useful when you want to create an automatic welcome campaign.

To set the trigger:

  • First, select a list. Choose the contact list for which you want to start the workflow when a new contact is added to it. For each new contact (whether it is added manually, or automatically via a form), Mailify will trigger the workflow.
    Important: The activation of your workflow is not retroactive. This means, if the list you associate with your workflow already contains contacts, they will not receive your campaign since they will not be considered new subscribers.
  • Blacklist(s): The contacts in this list(s) will automatically be excluded from your mailings in order to avoid any unsolicited communication.
  • Unsubscribe method: By default, the unsubscribe method defined in your account settings is applied. However, you can choose a different method for this workflow if you wish. You can choose between opening the standard Mailify unsubscribe page, or redirecting your contacts to your website to manage your unsubscriptions yourself.

    Once you have set up your "Registration" trigger, click on the green button to confirm.
    You will then automatically be redirected to the tool for creating your automatic workflow.
    At any moment, you can modify the settings in the workflow creation tool.