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Workflow creation tool

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After setting up your trigger, you will automatically be redirected to the automatic workflow creation tool.
In this tool you can build your scenario in the form of a tree diagram for a clear overview of the different messages sent throughout your workflow, based on recipients' behavior.

Navigating the workflow builder works as follows:


  • To move up and down, or left to right, within your diagram, click and hold your mouse while moving it in the desired direction.
  • The scroll wheel on your mouse (or pad) will allow you to zoom in or out within your workflow overview.
  • You can move the trigger or one of the messages in your scenario by dragging and dropping it wherever you want on the work surface.
  • You can modify a link by dragging and dropping the place holder in the message of your choice.

    Main actions:

    The menu at the top left allows you to perform a number of actions within this workflow:
  • Zoom in/zoom out: The slider (green horizontal bar) allows you to enlarge or reduce the view of your workflow in order to have a complete view of or focus on a specific part of it.
  • Reposition the steps: This allows you to automatically reposition each message in your workflow.
  • Show all steps: Allows you to adjust the zoom so that all steps are visible at a glance.
  • Delete abandoned steps: Decided to break links between certain messages in your workflow, is like abandoning messages (i.e. not linked to other messages), and that message will not be sent. This option allows you to "clean up" your workflow by removing these unnecessary, disconnected steps.
  • Refocus on the primary trigger: This option allows you to refocus the view of your workflow on the primary trigger, the trigger that sets your workflow in motion. This is useful when your workflow becomes long and complex. By refocussing on the trigger you can quickly go back to the starting point of the diagram.
  • Access help: Allows you to access

    Add a condition:

    You can create a conditional workflow and adapt the messages you send based on the behavior of your recipients. To do this, simply add conditions to your message by clicking on "Add a condition" below each of your messages.

    Activating the workflow:

    Once you have set up your entire workflow scenario, activate it using the switch button located on the top right corner of your screen.

    Your workflow scenario will then be submitted to Mailify's moderation teams before your first messages are sent.

    Until you have activated your workflow, no emails or SMS messages will be sent to the recipients of your list that meet the trigger criteria you have set.

    You can decide at any time to disable (and reactivate) your automatic workflow. You can thus decide to temporarily disable it if necessary.