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How to import contacts in my SMS campaign?

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Import method

From an existing contact list

If you already have a contact list registered in Mailify Sunrise, you can select this list from the drop-down menu. 

It will then be possible to apply a targeting to your list in order to send your SMS to a restricted segment of it.

If you do not have a list, the drop-down menu "select a list" is grayed out and not clickable.

You can either go to the ""list"" menu from your dashboard to create one, or import a file.

To learn how to create a contact list, click here.

Upload a file

If you have not set up a contact list, you can choose to import your contacts with this method.

Files such as TXT, CSV or XLS are supported by Mailify Sunrise.

You can also choose to import an SQL database, copy/paste a contact list, or manually enter your contacts.

If recipients are already present in the next step, you will be asked if you want to replace the current list, or if you want to complete it.

When you choose the "Complete" option, it is likely that the file you are about to import does not have the same number of columns as the existing recipient list, or that Column heads of the imported file are named differently than your existing list.

If so, Mailify Sunrise will ask you to match the columns in your existing list with those in the file you are trying to import.

In this step, you must assign each existing column a value that matches the header of the columns in the file you are importing

For example, if your current recipient list includes a "mobile number" field, you will need to tell Mailify that it is in this column that you want to insert the "mobile number" of the file you are importing. Apply the same method to all columns.

If a column does not exist in your current list but exists in the file you are importing, you can add a new column by clicking "New Column" at the bottom of this screen. For example, in the illustration above, the client ID is not present in the existing list, but is present in the imported file. You can create a new "Customer ID" column that will increment the customer IDs of your new freshly imported list.

Conversely, you can choose to clean the current list by deleting columns if you deem it necessary. Just click on the trash in front of the column you want to delete.

Note that if there are identical column names between your existing list and those of your new import, a processing will be done by Mailify Sunrise to establish an automatic correspondence between these columns. You just have to assign a column to unrecognized values, or to create a new one if need be.

Once you've uploaded your file, or uploaded a list of existing contacts, you'll be redirected to the next step where you can view your recipient list.

List of recipients

The list of recipients that you have in front of you is an exhaustive list of the contacts to which you are about to send an SMS campaign.

It is still possible for you to perform some checks, manual corrections, targeting or to consult statistics on this list.

You can also go directly to the next step without necessarily performing any particular action on this page.