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How to insert a dynamic custom field in my SMS?

Even if your campaign is mass-mailed, you can make each of your sent SMS unique by customizing the content of your message with dynamic fields.

For example, you can start your message with "Hello (first name)". The first name in parentheses will be automatically personalized for each of your contacts. If the data is missing, it will not be displayed and the message will start with "Hello" without displaying a first name.

All fields in your recipient database can be used: each column in your contact list is a dynamic field that you can add to your message.

To add a dynamic field, click on the field of your choice in the drop-down menu "insert a field" (symbolized by 2 braces) located above the input box.

Once you have clicked one of the dynamic fields in this list, it appears in braces in your input field, you can place text before or after this field, so be careful not to remove braces in order to not to delete the dynamic field that you inserted.

Thus, you can modify your message to make it more welcoming and more "personal" for each of your recipients by inserting as many dynamic fields as you like.


The number of characters debited for the insertion of a dynamic field is variable according to the actual content of the inserted variable.

For example, if you insert a dynamic field ((First name)), the number of characters actually debited will vary depending on each recipient. Indeed, if your recipient # 1 is named "Paul" and your recipient # 2 is called "Robert", 4 characters will actually be debited your message in the first case, against 6 in the second case, which potentially cause you to exceed 160 characters and thus make you consume more than one credit.

Therefore, if you insert a dynamic field in your message, the number of credits debited may differ from one contact to another for the same message. Do not necessarily rely on the character counter, it can be misleading in case your message contains a dynamic field. The actual number of credits debited for your campaign will be calculated at the ""est and send" step.