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What's the difference between a simple SMS and a rich SMS?

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With Mailify Sunrise, you can create SMS of 160 characters, or more (SMS called "simple"), or choose to enrich your SMS with a link to a landing page created with Mailify Sunrise (SMS said "enriched"). There is no price difference between these 2 types of SMS.

Simple SMS

A simple SMS is an SMS of 160 characters or more (up to 450 characters).

It is possible to insert a link to a web page in your SMS.If this web page is created with Mailify Sunrise, your SMS will be considered ""enriched"". If you want to include a link to your own website or to another page not hosted by Mailify, your SMS will be considered as a simple SMS.

Note: the maximum number of characters of an SMS has not been arbitrarily defined by Mailify Sunrise. It meets a precise GSM standard, common to all SMS users, regardless of the sending provider used.

Enriched SMS

You can enrich a simple SMS by inserting a link to a landing page (or "landing web page") created and hosted on Mailify Sunrise.


The advantage of enriched SMS:

  • Say more than with a simple SMS:
    An SMS must be short to be impacting and easily remembered.
    You must not say too much and sometimes it can be a little frustrating. With an enriched SMS, you can say the basics in your SMS and say more about the landing page associated with your SMS. Your message becomes more powerful.
  • Create your own landing pages without special technical skills:
    You have a simple and intuitive tool allowing you to create your own web page, without any necessary technical skills, by dragging and dropping your content (images, texts, logos, interactive maps, etc.).
  • The landing pages created with Mailify Sunrise are automatically "responsive":
    You are about to send an SMS containing a link to a web page. The impact of your communication will be minimal if the web page to which you are redirecting your contacts is not optimized for a mobile view. With the landing page creator of Mailify Sunrise, your web page will be instantly created in mobile version, easily readable from a smartphone, and the return on investment of your action will be much better.
  • You can follow the number of clicks on the link inserted in your SMS:
    By activating the tracking links, you have access to the number of contacts who clicked on your link and went to your landing page, directly in your Mailify Sunrise statistical reporting. This allows you to effectively measure the performance of your SMS campaign.
  • The same cost as a simple SMS:
    Creating an SMS including a link to one of your landing pages does not cost more than a SMS said "simple". This option is available for free, and you can create as many web pages ""responsive design"" as you want. Simply, this adds another step to creating your campaign since you must first create a landing page before inserting the link in your SMS.