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Can I test my SMS campaign before sending it?

In general, the test phase is less tedious in terms of SMS campaign than email campaign, the formatting of an SMS is non-existent.

However, some more complex SMS campaigns may require one or more tests to arrive at the desired result. Especially when the content of your SMS contains a link to a landing page, to a form, to an external web page, or when a dynamic personalization field has been inserted.

So, before you actually send your SMS campaign, you can do one or more tests by sending it to your friends, colleagues, or other people around you.

To do this, click the "Send Test" button below the information box.

A new window appears and lets you indicate on which numbers you want to send the test of your SMS campaign.

By clicking on the "Edit" button, you have the possibility to modify your directory of mobile numbers on which the test(s) will be sent.

By default, Mailify Sunrise will offer you the test numbers that you have already used in previous tests. You can interact with this list and:

  • Add new test numbers by entering them in the box provided and clicking "+".
  • Select/deselect test numbers to test your current campaign.
  • Remove from your directory of test numbers by clicking on the cross next to the number when it is flown. You will not find this number in the list during your next tests.

Once you have selected the test numbers that are right for you, click on confirm (green button) to send your test.

You can add as many numbers and perform as many test submissions as you want.

Note that a tests will also require as many credits as specified in "SMS Shipping Cost" in the "Information" section. For example, if your campaign is worth 2 credits per recipient, and you want to send 1 test on 3 different numbers, 6 credits will be credits will be counted for each test.

Sending is instantaneous and you should receive your test a few seconds after confirming it.

Renew the operation as many times as necessary until the final rendering of your SMS satisfies you.


Watch the video on this topic: