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What is a domain name and a subdomain?

What is a domain name?


The domain name is the equivalent of your postal address on the Internet. It allows you to easily identify your website.

It is composed of a name and its domain extension. The domain name is essential to the identity of any brand, company, legal entity or individual wishing to position itself on the Internet network.




Similarly, the domain name is used for sending emails. This is the unique name that appears in email addresses after the @ sign.

When you send personal emails, you use the domain name of your Internet service provider (Orange, Free, etc.) or a Webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). If you work in a company, the domain name used to send your emails will often be customized (address type

If you are a professional, it is important to use a professional router to send your marketing (sending newsletters or prospecting by emailing in particular).

However, even if you use a professional routing solution, if you have not customized your shipping domain you risk being quickly considered a spammer (illegitimate sender) and not being read by your recipients (mistrust of your sender address).



What is a subdomain and why use it?


A subdomain allows you to manage the reputation of your servers, while allowing your users to recognize your brand. It is defined as follows:




What's his interest?

Suppose you have customized your shipping domain and are using the same domain as your website for your marketing mailings. This is good, but imagine for a moment that sending from this shipping address meets a bad deliverability and that you end up blacklisted or banned by the main Webmails or ISPs. Your domain name would be put in danger, and your website by the same occasion since this one uses this domain...

It is for this reason that it is preferable to use subdomains for sending your email marketing campaigns.


In addition, you can differentiate several subdomains and assign them to a particular type of shipment in order to preserve the reputation of each of them.

Thus, a possible bad deliverability on one of your promotional campaigns would not tarnish your loyalty campaign.

For example, you can set up subdomains of type :

  • for your newsletters
  • for you prospecting emailings 


What do you have to do?


  • If you own a domain but have not yet set it up as a shipping domain, it is advisable to do so quickly.
  • If you do not yet have a domain, you can purchase one with Sarbacane to customize your sender address.


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