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How to add an attachment to your email campaign?

First of all, we remind you that, even if adding attachments is technically possible with Mailify, it is strongly recommended not to send attachments within your campaigns. Prefer instead to host your documents online and insert a hypertext link in your campaign so that your recipients can consult these documents online.


Why should you avoid adding an attachment to your campaigns?

E-mail providers are very suspicious when they detect that a mail with an attachment is sent to several of their users. Indeed, adding attachments to an email campaign is a practice widely used by spammers. You could therefore be categorized as a spammer by email providers. Your deliverability and your reputation as a sender would be strongly affected.

Also keep in mind that some email clients (Outlook, Gmail, etc) also set a maximum size limit for each email received. Your client's email client can block the attachment if it exceeds the size limit. Also, if you send a campaign with an attachment that is too large, your campaign could be refused for sending by our moderation team or the sending could be strongly slowed down and take much more time than expected.

Overall, sending an attachment that may take up a large part of the available storage space in the inbox can be annoying to your recipient. If your attachment takes up all the storage space in an inbox, you may receive a rejection notification the next time you send a message, indicating that your recipient's inbox is full and that he or she needs to free up space to receive new messages.

Finally, one last thing, try to think like your recipients: would you dare to open the attachment of an email that wasn't personally sent to you?

So hosting your files online is definitely a better solution. Professional providers offering online storage space help you to share your files in a secure way. It also improves your deliverability. With Mailify, you will even be able to follow the reactions of your recipients by keeping an eye on the clicks to your online documents!


How to add an attachment?

If you really need to add an attachment to your email, you have two possibilities in the Mailify application:

In the message part and then in the edition part of your campaign, you have the possibility to add an attachment in the header, just below the subject:


Or in the Test & Send tab, you also have the possibility to add an attachment by clicking on "See details" next to the sending cost, then on the pencil next to "Attachments":



Select your attachments. Note that your attachments must not exceed a maximum size of 5 MB.


To exit the attachment selection screen, click on the red cross at the top right of the screen.



If you add an attachment to your campaign, make sure it is really necessary. If possible, prefer to host your documents online and embed a link to them in your campaign.