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How to insert an animated GIF in an emailing?

To add animated pictures to your emails, you can import GIFs into the EmailBuilder.

First and foremost, your GIF must be hosted on the web (accessible from a URL). Click here to see an example of hosted GIF.

Once in the EmailBuilder, add an "Image" content.

Then click on "Choose an image", then "From a URL".

 Copy and paste the URL of the animated GIF of your choice into the window that appears on the screen:

Mailify will then import the GIF into your email.You can change its size unless you select the "full width"option.

You can also insert a redirect link on the GIF. This link will be opened when the recipient of your emailing will click on the animated GIF.

Finally, you can choose to align your GIF to the left, right, or center of your block.

Importer un Gif dans Sarbacane



Why is my GIF not animated in my inbox?

In order for the GIF to work in your recipient's inbox (or in yours, if you send tests), you need a messaging software that accepts this format.

Be careful, if most email services read animated GIFs, the 2007 to 2013 versions of Outlook do not allow it. They only display the first image of the GIF in question.

In this case, it will still be possible for your recipients under Outlook to view your GIF by consulting the web-copy of your email.


Here is a summary of the messengers reading the animated GIF:


Applications:Webmails :Smartphones:
Lotus Notes (6, 7, 8, 5)
Outlook Express
Outlook 2000 à 2003
Outlook sur Mac 2011
Apple Mail
Windows Live Mail 2011
Outlook sur Mac 2011
AOL mail
Windows Mobile