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How to insert dynamic custom fields in my emailing campaign?

Even in the case of sending bulk emails, you can make each email sent unique by customizing the content or the object with dynamic fields (or personalization fields).

For example, you can put "Hello ((First Name))" in order to catch the reader's attention. The first name in parentheses will be automatically personalized for each of your contacts. If the data is missing, it will not be displayed and the object will begin with "Hello" without displaying a first name.

To add a dynamic field in the content of an email, two methods are possible depending on the creation mode you have chosen:

  • From the EmailBuilder: Place the text cursor where you want to add a dynamic field (in a block of text), click on the {} icon and choose the field of your choice.

champ dynamique emailbuilder

  • From the standard HTML editor: place your text cursor at the location of the HTML code or the preview of the email where you want to add a dynamic field, click on the button "" {} Insert recipient data "" or "" Insert a campaign parameter, and choose the field of your choice.

personnalisation éditeur html

To personalize the subject of a campaign or other shipping item, go to the header of your email and click the { } button, then select the field of your choice.

personnalisation objet emailing

The list displayed in this drop-down menu is the list of columns in the contact list that you selected for your campaign.

Once you have clicked one of the dynamic fields in this list, it appears in parentheses in your input field. You can place text before or after this field. You can also delete it easily using your keyboard.

Thus, you can modify your message to make it more welcoming and more "personal" for each of your recipients.

You can insert as many dynamic fields as you like.