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How to save and manage my own blocks of content in the dedicated directory?

Save a block of content

Watch the video on this topic:

To save a block, press the backup diskette in the properties bar of your block. 

A window opens to create and save this block in your directory.
Select the folder where you want to save your block. You can use the "My blocks" default folder in Mailify or create your own new folder and give it a name.

Once you have selected the folder of your choice, name your block and confirm by clicking "OK". Your block has been saved. You can reuse it, modify it, move it to another folder or delete it.

Manage your own content blocks

Once your blocks have been saved, you can find them in your saved block directory and use them in your campaigns.

Simply drag and drop the "Saved Blocks" icon where you want to insert your block in the body of the message.

When you drag the saved blocks icon to where you want to insert it in your message, a window opens showing your directory of saved blocks where you will find your blocks and folders.

You can select the block of your choice and insert it. You can also rename it, move it to another folder or delete it via the menu displaying at the bottom right of your block when hovering over it from the "Saved blocks" window.

From your directory, you can also manage your folders. Thus, you can add a new folder, rename or delete an existing folder or move its content to another folder.