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How to configure the hosting of the images in my emailing campaign?

Managing image hosting in an email campaign is an option only available if you have chosen the EmailBuilder/Import a file creative mode.



Image hosting options are in the action menu at the top right corner of your campaign.



This is to define where will be stored the images that will appear in your email. The different options available allow you to play on the speed of display images in inbox, the total size of your email and its shipping cost.

hebergement images email

Leave on my servers: in case you have imported images from a URL, select this option so that the image is retrieved from this same URL. It will not be stored on Mailify servers and will not be integrated into the body of the message. This does not mean that your image will not appear but that the recipient will have to choose to manually download the images from your email, unless his email displays the default images.

On Mailify Coud: the images you have imported, regardless of their origin, will be transferred to Mailify's servers. As before, the recipient must choose to download the images manually from their mailbox unless it displays images by default.

Included in the body of the message: this option increases your email but has the advantage of including images directly within the email. This means that they will appear no matter what happens in your recipient's inbox. Attention, it is advisable to include in the body of the message only very light images to avoid overloading the email and affect your deliverability.

You can sort your images by file name, size or hosting option by clicking on the corresponding column heading.

The two buttons on the top right button bouton hebergement hosting allow you in one click to host all your images either on Mailify's servers or in the body of the message.

It is possible to host only 5 MB of maximum images in a campaign. For information, as soon as your message exceeds 194 Kb, you need 2 credits by email to send your campaign, and so on every 194 Kb (to know more about the consumption of credits).