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How can I import contacts for my email campaign?

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In this step, you need to select the method you want to use to import the recipients who will receive your email campaign.


There are 3 import methods:


  • Contact list: Use this method if you have previously created a contact list. If you have created a targeting on a contact list, you can also decide to import only that segment of the list.


  • Behavioral targeting: Select your contacts based on their behavior. For this type of import, it is necessary to have sent at least one campaign beforehand and to have statistics of these campaigns (openings, clicks, etc.). You can decide to send your campaign to recipients who have not opened your previous email (for example).


  • Import a file: This method allows you to import the contacts you have saved into a CSV or XLS file. You can also opt for importing an Outlook address book, a database, or for manual entry of your contacts. Finally, you can choose to copy/paste your contacts as long as the copied information respects certain syntax rules.


You can import your contact list from a SQL or MySQL database. Mailify Sunrise will invite you in this case to fill in the connection and server settings used. You can then import an entire database or refine your query to use only the contacts that interest you.

The software can memorize your choice: this allows you, when working with the same database, to automatically recover any data that may be updated. You can import the email addresses of your recipients from your Outlook contact book when it is installed on your computer. Mailify Sunrise automatically searches for the contacts in your email.

In case you choose to copy/paste your own data, it is imperative that your data be separated by one of the following separators: comma, semi-colon or tab.

In case you choose to import a file, you will have the choice between 2 options: either drag and drop your file directly in the frame defined on your screen, or select the file in your explorer.

In case you want to import a file containing phone numbers, you can assign the numbers without a prefix a default formatting according to the country of the recipients. Note that only one default code can be added per imported database.