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How many credits will I be charged for my email campaign?

The number of email credits charged per campaign depends on several factors: the size of your campaign, the size of your possible attachments and the number of recipients.

An email credit is equivalent to an email sent to a recipient, provided that this email has a total size not exceeding 194KB.

Every 194KB, you will need to charge an additional email credit per recipient to send your campaign:

- Total size <194KB = 1 credit
- Total size > 194KB and <388KB = 2 credits
- Total size > 388KB and <582KB = 3 credits
- Etc.

In order to optimize the size of your message, it is advisable not to host the images in the message content but rather on an external server or the Mailify Cloud. Learn more about hosting images.

The attachments will also add to your campaign and, as a result, make you consume more credits.