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Saving an image in my personal image library

Watch the video on this topic:

With Mailify Sunrise, you can save your images in a personal gallery to use them later. When you click on an existing image, a button “Add to my image bank” allows you to save it in your personal gallery.

You can create folders to organize your personal images however you’d like. Select the folder where you wish to save your image or create a new one.

Once your image has been saved, you’ll find it in your personal gallery.

You can then take a number of actions by clicking on the contextual menu at the top right of each of your images:

  • To choose one: click directly on the image. It will be automatically inserted into your email in the desired spot.
  • Move it: this option allows you to move your image to another folder in your personal gallery.
  • Delete it: this option allows you to delete the image from your personal gallery.

You can then browse your personal image gallery at any time under the contextual menu “Choose an image” in the Mailify EmailBuilder. Click on “Image bank” to get there.

A selector at the top left of the gallery allows you to switch between your personal image gallery and the Mailify image bank. Select “My images” to go back to your personal image gallery.

The “Add a folder” button allows you to create a new folder to add your personal images.

Once you’ve created a folder, you can take a number of actions:

  • Move the content: to move all of the content in the folder to another folder of your choice.
  • Rename the folder: to modify the name of your folder.
  • Delete the folder: to delete the folder. The images in the folder will also be deleted.

The “Add an image” button allows you to import an image from your computer or a network you’re connected to.

Just drag and drop a folder into the corresponding area or click on “Select your image” to open your explorer.

Imported images may not exceed 4 MB. Only gif, jpeg and png formats are supported.