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What is predictive sending?

Watch the video on this topic:

Predictive sending is a feature exclusive to Mailify that allows you to send your campaign at the best time, for each of your recipients.

Mailify calculates the ideal sending time based on the contact list data and behavior analysis of each recipient, including when they are most often open/click their emails, in order to send everyone your campaign at the most effective time.

If your subscription allows it, you will find the predictive sending option in the "Test and send" step of your campaign.

The graph shows you an estimate of the sending distribution. You can adjust the duration of the sending range with the slider below the graph.

Predictive sending allows you to spread your sending over a certain period of time, which has a positive impact on

  • the deliverability of your campaigns. The probability that an email is considered as Spam is higher with mass mailings than when you send emails in smaller batches.
  • The engagement rate of your campaigns also increases: An email that arrives in the inbox of your recipients, at the right time will be more likely to be opened (and clicked), than an email received at a random date. A predictive sending more likely to arrive at the "top of the pile" in the recipient's inbox, and is less likely to "drown" in the daily stream of emails.

The predictive intelligence engine integrates the notion of personalized sending strategy. This means that an email scheduled for the predicted sending time, is likely to arrive when your recipient checks his inbox.

Furthermore, in the event that the recipient opens an email sent via Mailify Sunrise's servers (whether it is an email sent by yourself or by another Mailify Sunrise user) we are able to detect this opening and your next sending (initially scheduled at a later date or time by the predictive sending engine), sending will start immediately so that the arrival of your email in the inbox is optimal and takes place when your recipient is connected to their email.

This feature allows you to significantly increase the performance of your campaigns by benefiting from behavioral data of all the recipients of the Mailify's user community.