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How to setup the emailing campaign header?

Name and address of the sender | Subject line | Add an attachment | Advanced fields | Personalization

Regardless of which creative mode you have chosen, the header options are the same. The upper part of your screen serves to inform this information:


Name and address of the sender

  • Sender's name: This is the name that will appear in the sender field instead of your email address. This name may be different for sending and for reply. This field is required. You can indicate the name of your company, the name of a product or the name of a collaborator.


  • Sender Address: This is the address you will use to send your message. This address will be displayed in the recipient's inbox.

By default, these fields are pre-filled with the name of your company and the email address of the Mailify Sunrise account administrator.

In the case where the entered address is invalid, an alert will appear on your screen to warn you.



In the case where you enter a shipping address with a generic domain (@ for example), a warning message appears to warn you of the risks involved.

We suggest you use a custom domain name. You have the option to add a custom domain by clicking on "use a custom domain name" in the alert window:

If you already have one or more domains registered in Mailify Sunrise, you will find these domains by clicking on the icon located in the personalization field of the shipping address.

Once you have selected your shipping domain, you will only have to customize the local part of the address before the @ separator.



  • Name and reply address: This is where your recipients can reply to your message. By default, the apparent name and the response address are the same as for the sender. You are free to enter a valid email address other than the shipping address if you wish.

You must ban the which may cause you to lose points in terms of deliverability. Instead, use an addresses type like: or, for example, or a personal address, if you have the opportunity.


Email subject line

The subject line is the short text that will be displayed in the inbox of your recipients. It is very important to create a powerful subject line to catch the eye of your recipients and encourage the opening of your email.

An indicator helps you determine the ideal length of your subject.

If it is too long, the indicator will change from green to yellow to red. This is indication is based on an estimate of the readability of your subject line most inboxes. This tool rates the length of your subject line but doesn't measure the the quality of the text.


In case you forget to add a subject line to your emai, you will not be able to go to the next step to finish your campaign.

View the content of a campaign

You can add an attachment to your message by clicking "Add attachment".

Be careful, adding an attachment will increase the size of your email and may cause you to spend more email credits per sending. So pay attention to the size of each element you add to the email as it will affect the calculation of the number of credits.

In addition, attachments can in some cases alert spam filters and send your message as "junk mail". Use adding attachments only when necessary.

Mailify displays the name of the file, its location on your computer as well as its size in bytes. Also be aware that attachments, depending on their size and type, can slow down the sending of your campaign, and impact the deliverability.


Advanced fields

You can access advanced options to customize the header of your message by clicking the "Advanced fields" button below the object.


  • Carbon Copy (CC)

The carbon copy (CC), allows you to add a recipient as a copy of your email. You can customize the visible name and email address.

Not to be confused with the Invisible Carbon Copy (BCC) which allows to put a recipient in a hidden copy of your email. This option is not available on Mailify Sunrise.
carbon copy email



  • Prioritization

Prioritizing your email is to tell your audience how important your email is. The degree of importance display differs from one mail client to another.



On Outlook (for example), a high importance is materialized by a red exclamation point, a low importance is materialized by a blue arrow, and a normal priority is not materialized:


Customization and symbols


You can personalize the object and the fields of dispatch and/or answer with data filled in your base like the civility, the name, the first name, a last purchase...

When you click the { } icon, the list of available fields appears. Directly select the field of the database that contains the information to customize. It will automatically be inserted where your cursor was positioned.

To learn more about dynamic fields and customization, click here.

Mailify Sunrise gives you the option to insert a symbol in the object or in the apparent sender name. An emoji gallery is at your disposal by clicking on the yellow smiley in the field you want to customize.