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How to connect your Mailify account to Salesforce?

How do you install the plugin?

First, go to the "Contact lists" section. Click the button "Create a list" in the top right corner.

Then, click "Synchronized list".

You'll see the list of available connectors display. Click "Salesforce" (for customers with the Exclusive offer only).
In case you can't see Salesforce among the list, please contact us.

Now, log in to your Salesforce account. By clicking OK, you agree to share your information with Salesforce and Mailify.

You'll receive a notification reporting that the Sarbacane app is not installed yet in your Salesforce account. Click "Download the application".

Then choose an installation option and click on “Install”.
Finish the installation process.

Congratulations! The Mailify plugin is now installed!

You can now create "Clients" and "Contacts" lists and import your '"campaign members" to Mailify.