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How to configure the Magento connector?

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This connector allows you to synchronize your contact lists with data from your Magento e-commerce site.

This allows you to restart your customers based on their behavior on your e-commerce store.

To do this, activate the connector in the Connectors menu of the Mailify settings.

Watch the video on this topic:

Configuración del conector

Click on the pictogram (bottom left) to access the settings of the Magento connector.

A window opens showing the shops or sites already set up and available. Each shop can be individually modified or deleted if necessary.

Start by adding a shop if you have not set any yet.

To add a new shop, click on the "Add shop" button below the list of available shops.

A new window opens to set up this new shop, you must indicate:

  • The name of your shop
  • The URL of the site
  • The activation key


The activation key is to be generated via the Mailify plugin that you have downloaded on Magento.

Once the information has been entered, simply click on the "validate" button (green button) to confirm the information.

The configured shop will then appear in the list of available shops

Mailify module on Magento

In order to use the Magento connector on Mailify Sunrise, you must first install the mailify module on your Magento e-shop.

Find this free module on the Magento Marketplace:


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