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How to configure the PrestaShop connector?

This connector allows you to synchronize your contact lists with data from your PrestaShop store.

You can connect your Prestashop e-commerce site with Mailify and retrieve behavioral data from your customers in your Mailify contact lists. To do this, you must enable the Prestashop connector.

This connector is available in the "Connectors" menu of the Mailify settings.

It allows you to carry out specific recovery campaigns based on the behavior of your customers on your site, their buying habits, their loyalty, their activity, etc...

Watch the video on this topic:

Connector settings

Click on the pictogram (bottom left) to access the PrestaShop connector settings.

A window opens showing the shops or sites already configured and available. Each shop can be individually modified or deleted if needed. .

Start by adding a shop if you have not set any yet.

To add a new shop, click on the "Add shop" button below the list of available shops.

A new window opens to set up this new shop, you must indicate:

  • The name of your shop
  • The URL of the site
  • The activation key.

The activation key is to be generated via the Mailify plugin that you have downloaded on PrestaShop.

Once the information has been entered, simply click on the "Confirm" button (green button) to confirm the information.

The configured shop will then appear in the list of available shops.

Mailify extension on PrestaShop

To access the module in your Prestashop back office, do the following:

  • Download the Mailify extension for Prestashop by clicking here.
  • Go to your PrestaShop back office, section "Modules and services".
  • Click "Add a new module" at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on "Select a file", select the compressed .zip file that yo downloaded previously in your computer, then validate by clicking on "Load file".
  • Go to the list of your modules and look for Mailify Desktop (be sure to apply the search filter "Enabled and disabled").
  • Click on "Install".

For more information you can consult the PrestaShop FAQ by clicking here.

Click on "Configure" to access the module configuration.
The module offers a configuration wizard in 3 steps:
1) You must first indicate if you already have Mailify.

2) You must choose the shops (if the multi-shop mode is activated on PrestaShop) and the associated email lists that you want to find in Mailify. A list of contacts will be created for each store and for each type of recipients (customers, newsletters subscribers...).

3) Depending on your answer in step 1, the module will offer to download Mailify if you do not have the software yet.


Once the configuration is complete, the module displays the data you will enter in the connector parameters on Mailify Sunrise, a URL and a key.
Once this data is entered in the connector settings, your PrestaShop account will be connected to Mailify.
Mailify will then automatically recover several data from your shop:

  • E-mail
  • First name
  • Name
  • Opt-in
  • Date of the first order
  • Date of the most recent order
  • Amount of the highest order
  • Amount of the lowest order
  • Average amount of orders
  • Total amount of orders
  • Total number of orders

This data that you find in contact lists allows you to target to send personalized email campaigns.