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How to configure the WordPress connector?

This connector allows you to collect email addresses from a blog or a WordPress site.

This connector is available in the "Connectors" menu of the Mailify settings.

Watch the video on this topic:


Before you can use the connector, you need to install the Mailify plugin on your blog or WordPress site.
To do this, go to your WordPress back office, "Extensions" section, click on "Add" and then search for "Mailify". Click "Install Now"...

"This extension will allow you to retrieve the information necessary to connect Mailify Sunrise to your site/blog.

After installation, click the drop-down menu of the extension, then "Interconnect" to retrieve the URL and link key to enter Mailify.

Go to the Mailify Sunrise settings, "Connectors" menu, and activate the WordPress connector.


Click on the pictogram (bottom left) to access the connector settings.


Then on "Add a site" and enter the information retrieved in your WordPress back office via the Mailify extension added previously.

Once you have added this information, click on "Activate".

Your WordPress site is now connected to Mailify.