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Notify your own applications about the events in your campaigns using Webhooks

Webhooks are also designed for developers and integrators to automatically and instantly notify an application or website when an event occurs on a campaign.

For example: be notified when a recipient has clicked on a specific link. These events will then be uploaded to your CRM.

By default, Webhooks are disabled.

To enable Webhooks, go to the "Developers" section of the Mailify Sunrise Settings, then to the "Webhooks" tab.

Then just click on the "Switch" button next to the phrase "Webhooks are disabled".

By activating it, you have a new field that appears "Add Webhook". By clicking on it, you access the parameters to fill in:

  • The name
  • The events for which you want to be notified

On the statutes: Email hardbounce, softbounce email, email delivered or email protected

On the behaviors: the clicks, openings unsubscriptions and complaint.

  • The URL on which notifications should be sent
Documentation API Sarbacane 

To validate, just click on the green check.
However, it is necessary to have technical skills in development to integrate Webhooks on Mailify Sunrise.
To access the technical documentation for integrating Mailify Sunrise Webhooks, go to