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How to create a mobile-only web page?

This web page will be readable in mobile version, so in a single column. It is dedicated to communication via SMS.

Before entering the design mode, you have the option to start from scratch or use an existing template.

  • To start a new creation, just click on "Start from scratch".
  • To create a landing page from an already existing one, simply click on the desired landing page.

Once you've made your choice, you'll access the responsive landing page builder that lets you edit your page the way you want. The builder is available in the "Landing page builder" section. Access it to learn how to use this new tool to drag and drop your content to create a web page.

In this version, the builder brings you to a mobile layout, in a single column. You can customize the style of the message and insert the contents.




Like the landing page builder, you have the ability to customize

  • the theme of the landing page with color panels

  • the distribution of colors according to the blocks and the integrated elements

  • the setting of the page: the typography used and the spaces between the blocks




As for the landing builder, you have the possibility to integrate:

  • images
  • texts
  • spaces
  • separators
  • titles
  • buttons
  • social networks
  • a sharing button
  • the RSS feed
  • a floating picture with text
  • Google Maps


For more details on using styles and content, you can access the builder overview.