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What action can you take on existing campaigns

Campaign selection


A counter, located at the top right of your screen, allows you to view the number of campaigns you have currently selected.


You can uncheck all your campaigns or check them all by clicking on the box next to the counter indicating "X X Campaigns".

You will notice moreover that this selector evolves according to your type of selection:


  • All campaigns matching the current filter have been deselected


  • All campaigns matching the current filter are selected

Sélection de plusieurs campagnes


  • Partial selection of campaigns corresponding to the current filter

Sélection partielle de campagnes


Once you have found the campaign(s) you are interested in, you will be able to consult them or perform actions on it.



View the content of a campaign


When you click on one of your campaigns and you are in" folded "view, the content of your campaign appears in the middle part of the page:


Afficher le contenu d'une campagne existante


You can also view the recipients to whom you sent your campaign, by clicking on the "see" button next to the number of recipients in the header of your message:




You can export the recipient list, or search for a contact in this list.



Actions on a single campaign


When you have identified the campaign of your choice, an action list is available in folded mode


Actions possibles sur une campagne emailing ou SMS


You will find these same action buttons in unfolded mode, at the end of each campaign.


You can perform the following actions on the selected campaign:

  • View statistics : only available if your campaign was sent
  • Add contacts : allows you to resubmit your campaign to new contacts
  • Properties : allows you to view the properties of the campaign, ie its name, its sharing settings, as well as the tags associated with it
  • Duplicate : allows you to duplicate your campaign. You can duplicate only the content, or the content and recipients of it
  • Publish : allows you to broadcast your campaign on social networks
  • Delete : allows you to delete the campaign in question



Batch processing


Traitement de campagnes par lots


You can perform the following actions on a selected batch campaigns :

  • Edit Share : allows you to choose which users you want to share the selected campaigns with
  • Edit Tags : allows you to choose the tags to assign to the batch of selected campaigns
  • Delete : allows you to delete the selected campaigns. Be careful, you will also lose the statistics associated with these campaigns


Batch changes will re-synchronize all changed campaigns.

If you make a change to a large number of campaigns, it may take longer to process and slow down the application.