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How to search an existing campaign?

Want to find an existing campaign?

A manual search can be tedious if you have edited or sent a large number.

Mailify Sunrise allows you to apply filters by campaign type, by date, by associated tags, or by name, to facilitate your search.



Filter by campaign type


n order to search by campaign type (Email, SMS, Automatic), use the predefined tags.

For example, If you select the tag "Email", you will only display the list of your Email campaigns.

This may allow you to quickly browse your selection as a first step.


Filter by date


You can filter your campaigns by sending dates to find the one you are interested in.

For this, you'll fin a date picker in the upper left of your screen. This allows you to choose the sending period of your choice.

A number of predefined choices are available. You can also choose a custom period and set the start date for yourself.

Filtrer les campagnes par date


 Filter by tags

 You can refine your search based on the tags associated with them.

 For example, if you have created a "Product A" tag (if you have run multiple campaigns for this product), or a "Customer A" tag (in case you are an agency and you are running campaigns for multiple customers ), you can select all campaigns for this product or this customer using the tags you have previously assigned to your campaigns.

For the record, you can create your own tags and assign as many as you want to your campaigns. To learn more about the tags, click here.



Filter by campaign name


You can search for a campaign by name, and add it to your current campaign selection.

To do this, simply type your campaign name in the field next to the magnifying glass pictogram in the upper left corner of your screen, then select the campaign displayed in the search results.