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What is the difference between the Premium and Exclusive offer?

In addition to the features and services included in the Essential and Premium offers, an Exclusive subscription enables you to make an expert use of the solution, access to Mailify's intelligent features and a dedicated and planned support.

Individual and tailor-made support

Use the full potential of Mailify for your business with a dedicated account manager. An expert collaborates directly with you and plans the regular exchanges that will guarantee control and excellence: introduction to the platform, the advanced features and future innovations of Mailify, deliverability setup, integration with your company's IT tools, regular strategic support, etc.

A dedicated spokeperson

Your coach is your dedicated spokesperson at Mailify. He knows your problems and talks with a representative of your team.


Planned support

  • A first contact within 48 hours: your dedicated coach will contact you by email within 48 hours after the start date of your contract to schedule a first call.
  • One call per month to take stock: you have the possibility to schedule one call per month (about 1 hour) to review your marketing campaigns and your strategy.


In-depth strategic analysis

Your current communication strategy is reviewed in detail by your dedicated coach to highlight some issues to work on.


Tips on your deliverability

Your dedicated coach analyzes the practices related to your deliverability and proposes useful solutions to improve it.


Monthly statistical monitoring reports

Your coach analyzes your campaign statistics, makes a monthly monitoring report and sends it to you.


Useful tips and support for implementation

Your coach shares tips and best practices with you to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and helps you to implement them.


A report after every meeting

After each appointment with your coach, you will receive a detailed report summarizing the tips and areas of improvement you talked about together.


Individual support on the platform

If requested, your coach can help you to master some advanced features of Mailify and guide you through the application.


The full potential of Mailify in the service of your goals

Boost your results with the smart features of Mailify

  • Predictive Sending: Optimize your opening rates with this feature that helps you to send your campaign at the best time for each of your recipients. Mailify is based on the data and the behavior of each recipient, especially the analysis of the moments when they open/click most often their emails, in order to send to everyone your campaign at the most convenient time.
  • Predictive eye tracking: this feature simulates human vision and helps you to evaluate the visual impact of your email and predict the areas that will generate the most interest, before sending it to your recipients. You are thus able to optimize the rendering of your message to maximize the performance of your campaign.
  • Intelligent email correction: Reduce the number of invalid email addresses in your contact lists with this smart feature which identifies errors in the most common domain names and in the syntax of email addresses. An automatic correction of the email address is automatically suggested. For example, will be changed to


Expert use of Mailify

  • Access to the Desktop version: install Mailify on your PC or MAC for online or offline use of the application. This option increases the processing and security capacities of your data.
  • Customized statistical reports for each campaign.


An optimal deliverability

  • 3 dedicated IPs included
  • 3 domain names included


The perfect offer for large teams

  • Up to 10 users included

The Exclusive offer is thus the most complete offer regarding tthe features and the most personalized offer regarding the support.

Any question about our offers? Please schedule an appointment with one of our consultants.