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Responsive email template gallery

Are you in need of some inspiration for creating your email campaign?

When you create your email campaign, you have the option to start from a scratch or from one of your predesigned templates.

To access the templates, click on "EmailBuilder/Templates" on step 2 of the emailing campaign creation. Then click on "Mailify Templates".


There are dozens of templates available in the application:

  • 100% responsive: our professional designers have built these templates so that they adapt to all reading media (tablets, smartphones, pc).

  • 100% customizable: you have the possibility to modify each template as you wish. You can add, edit, or delete each item.

  • 100% free: you do not have to pay additional fees to use the Mailify template gallery. It's available to you at all times.


Templates emailing responsive gratuits



To select a template, hover over it and click on the "Select" button that appears.



You will then be able to modify your selected email template with the EmailBuilder, to adapt it to your brand image.