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What are the different status and rights of users?

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There are 3 different status types for a user account:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • User

To view the status of users of the same account, go to the account settings, then the menu "Users".

If you can not see this topic, your status is "User" and you do not have rights to access it.
The owner and administrators can access this topic and change the roles of each user.

The owner role is assigned by default to the person who created the account that is shared with other administrators and users.

An administrator may access all campaigns, statistics, templates, lists, pages and forms created by a user by default.

By default, a user has access to all campaigns, statistics, templates, lists, pages, and forms from a group they belong to. They can send campaigns, export lists and send test email campaigns. They cannot share a resource with users in a group they don't belong to (except that in some cases, a user may have the right to share items with other groups they don't belong to. This option is available in the management of the rights of such user. Only the administrator can decide to grant this right to a user).

An administrator or account owner may choose to share items or hide one of these items (except landing pages) from a user they'll determine. The opposite is not possible (a simple user can't hide anything from the administrator or the owner of an account).
By default, the user is not allowed to transfer templates to other accounts. The option to do so comes with the user right management of this user. Only the administrator can decide to allocate such right to a user...