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Groups of users

Account administrators may create groups of users in order to more easily control how their resources (campaigns, lists, templates, forms, etc.) are shared.

To do so, go to the “Users” menu in your account settings and then the “Groups” tab.

When you login for the first time, a default group includes all your users.

Please note that neither administrators nor the account owner are assigned to any group so they have access to all resources (campaigns, lists, forms, etc.) for the account. Only users may be distributed among different groups.

Each user can only be in one group. By default, each user shares their resources with all the users in the same group as well as with the account administrator(s).

The account administrator, on the other hand, cannot be assigned to a group and can access all resources created by the users irrespective of their groups.

A contextual menu over each group allows you to take the following actions:

- Manage members: add, remove, transfer members from one group to another.

- Limit consumption: to define an email and/or SMS sending cap for a group of users.

- Rename the group: to modify the group name.

- Delete the group: to delete the group and transfer the data and members belonging to that group to another group.
When a group is deleted, the group’s user accounts are not deleted. The users who are members of the group must first choose to be transferred to a new group. The users transferred to a new group will have access to the resources shared with that group (campaigns, email templates, contact lists, forms, pages, blacklists). They maintain all the rights assigned by the administrator previously (sharing, campaign sending, contact exporting). A group may only be deleted if it’s not the last existing group.

Group consumption (in email and SMS credits) as well as the group credit reserves are posted on the insert for each group.
You can customize the avatar for each group you create by clicking on the “Edit” button that appears when hovering over it.