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Sharing and limiting credits between users

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The owner or administrator of an account has the ability to cap a user's email and SMS credits over a period of time. In that case, all the users in the group will see their rights evolve accordingly.

It's impossible to set sending rights to one user in particular. Such limit is set for a group of users. You can still prevent a user from sending email and/or SMS campaigns.

The owner of the account, as well as the administrators, can not be restricted in this way.


Limiting routing credits

Sending quotas are set in the account settings, in the "Users" menu. Click the context menu of a group and then "Limit the credit use".

A window opens and suggests to set sending quotas for the group:

It is possible to prevent a user from sending campaigns by deactivating the" "Can send campaigns" option, and the user will be restricted to an observer role.

As soon as the sending quota is set, it will apply to all the members in the group.

In case the group has reached such sending limit, no member in the group will be able to send a campaign during the period set.