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Add an action

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Actions follow certain conditions that have been met. They consist in sending emails or SMS messages or in inserting contacts in a list of your choice (contact list or black list).

An action can be triggered in the following way:

  • Directly after the trigger (condition to trigger your automatic scenario)
  • After a condition, related to a previous message, has been fulfilled.
  • Directly after a previous message (if no condition has been specified on it).

Add an action

Add a message

Click on the "add an action" button located below the trigger. The option "Add a message" allows you to add the very first message of your workflow: email or SMS.

Once you have defined your first message, you can add new messages (emails or SMS) by clicking on the context menu and then on "Add a message".

When adding a message, start by giving it a name: This name will not be visible to your recipients, it is only a title that allows you to easily find your message, either in the "Campaign" screen or in the "Statistics" screen of Mailify Sunrise.

Then choose the type of message you want to send: email or SMS.

Then select the timing: this is the delay you want to set after previous condition has been fulfilled (or after the previous message has been sent if it does not have a condition) before sending your new, following message. Learn more about the delay time.

Finally, choose your creation mode: Do you want to create your message from scratch, or start from an existing message in your scenario.

As soon as your message has been added, you will see a new bridge materialize in your workflow scenario.

The creation of your message immediately leads to the editing phase. However, if you want to continue creating your scenario before refining the content of your messages, it is possible to return to the tool the workflow creation tool without finalizing your messages. In your workflow, you can display the messages that need to be finalized before activating your scenario, thanks to the icon for each message.

You can apply the following actions to an existing message:

  • Edit message: Allows you to return to editing phase in order to finalize an incomplete message or edit existing message.
  • Rename message: Allows you to change the name of your message. As a reminder, the name of your message will not be visible to your recipients.
  • Edit sending ranges: Allows you to limit the sending of a message to a specific time or date range. This can be useful if you only want to send your message during working days, for example. Thus, sendings falling within one or more deactivated ranges will be sent at the next available time. It is possible to apply a general time or date range across your entire campaign in the advanced trigger settings: The sending ranges defined for a particular message have priority over the general sending range defined for the entire campaign. Find out more about sending times.
  • Delete step: This action will delete the message. Any links between this message and others will be broken.

    It is possible to add conditions on each of the messages in your scenario. To do this, click on the "+ Add a condition" button located under each of your messages. Learn more about the conditions.

    You will be able to create all kinds of conditional workflow scenarios, from the simple to complex, in order to personalize your mailings according to the behavior of your recipients.

    Once you have created all the messages in your workflow, it is necessary to finalize each of them before activating your automatic campaign.


Add contacts to a list

Click on the "add an action" button located below the trigger. The option "Add to a list" option allows you to add your contacts to the list of your choice.

Once you have defined the first action of your scenario (adding a message or adding contacts to a list), you will be able to add your contacts to a list, as your workslow progresses, by clicking on the context menu and then on "Add to a list":

You will be able to insert your contacts in a contact list or in a black list according to your needs and according to the behaviour of your recipients.

For example, you can blacklist contacts that have not opened any of your reminders.

As soon as your contact insertion action has been recorded in your workflow, you will find a new block on your work plan materializing it in your script.

It is possible to apply two types of action on the existing contact insertion step:

  • Edit the insertion: it allows you to modify the list where the contacts belonging to a given branch of the automation scenario must be inserted.
  • Delete insertion: allows to delete the existing action of inserting contacts in a list

You can setup the waiting period to be observed before inserting the contacts in the selected list by using the green button above the action.

Afterwards, you can continue your scenario by using the action menu under the contact insertion action.