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Trigger type: Date.

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This trigger allows you to trigger an automatic scenario when a deadline is reached, whether it is an birthday, a subscription renewal, a customer's anniversary, or any other type of date.

To set the trigger:

  • First, select a list. Choose the contact list that Mailify will monitor for any dates that have been reached.
  • Then, select a column. Several columns in your list may contain dates. Choose the specific column you want Mailify to check for any dates reached. The other columns in the list will not be taken into account. If the column you want to select does not exist, click on "Add a column" and name it. A new column will then be added to your list.
  • Date format: Indicate which date format is used in your column. Choose one of the predefined formats from the drop-down menu. If data is already present in your list, Mailify will indicate the number of detected contacts with date data in the selected format. This is an indicator to check that the selected date format matches the one in your list.
  • Trigger delay: Choose if you trigger your scenario on the day the date is reached, or if you want to start your it before a date is reached (useful for a promotional offer valid for a limited time).
  • Recurrence: You can determine if you want your automatic workflow to be repeated at regular intervals (e.g. every year in the case of a "birthday" campaign).
  • Blacklist(s): The contacts included in the list(s) will automatically be excluded from your mailing in order to avoid any unsolicited communication.
  • Unsubscribe method: By default, the unsubscribe method defined in your account settings is applied. However, you can choose a different method for this campaign if you wish. You can choose between opening the standard Mailify unsubscribe page, or redirecting your contacts to your website to manage your unsubscriptions yourself.

    Once you have set up your "Date" trigger, click on the green button to confirm.
    You will then be automatically redirected to the tool for creating your automatic workflow scenario.
    At any moment, you can modify the settings in the workflow creation tool.