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What is an automatic campaign and how to create one?

An automatic campaign consists of a workflow, or 'scenario', where emails and/or SMS messages are sent automatically based on triggering events.

The triggering events of your campaign (or "triggers"), may be any of the following:


  • Registration: Automatic scenario triggering as soon as a new registration is added to the list of your choice.


  • Date: Triggering of an automatic scenario as soon as a specific date is reached in the list of your choice (birthday, renewal date...)


  • Update: Automatic workflow triggering when a data modification (or data insertion) is detected in the selected list.


  • Abandoned cart: triggers an automatic workflow whenever a cart is abandoned in the selected shop.

  • Campaign received: this trigger allows you to create a scenario to automatically follow up contacts who have received one of your campaigns according to their behaviour (openers/non-openers, clickers/non-clickers, classified as bounces / not classified as bounces).


 To create an automatic campaign from the main action button, click on "Create a campaign". Then in the next step, select "Automatic campaign".

You will first have to name your campaign, and then select the trigger of your choice.



Then set the conditions for triggering your automatic workflow: The parameters to be filled in differ depending on the type of automatic campaign you choose, i.e. registration-based, date-based, an update, an abandoned cart, a visit to a page of your website or a received campaign.

Once you have set your trigger, you will be automatically redirected to the tool for creating your automatic campaign, and there you can freely define the automatic scenario in which your contacts will be enrolled.

Watch the video on this topic: