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How to customize the SMS sender?

Mailify Sunrise allows you to customize the issuer of your SMS campaign, ie you can replace the standard number (shortcode) with your sender name.

Thus, a recipient who receives your SMS will see for example "COMPANY" (the name of your brand) and not a short number (type 36111) impersonal, unidentifiable and uncomfortable. You can customize your issuer name differently from one SMS campaign to another. It's up to you to decide what you want to display.
The choice of transmitter, is done in the right pane of the step of edition of the SMS:

By default, the option "Standard No." is selected.The issuer is not covered by a textual customization.The message is received by its recipient with a transmitter type 36XXX (shortcode).

To personalize your issuer, tick "Custom", then click in the box to the right of the word ""Custom"" and enter your textual content.

Note: the transmitter customization is limited to 11 characters (GSM standard) and should contain only single characters: from "a" to "z", from "A" to "Z", and "0" at "9", without spaces or accents. Moreover, it can not contain only numbers.
If your sender includes prohibited characters, the input field is surrounded by red and an error message appears. For example, below, with the insertion of a space in the input field:

It is important to note that in the case of a marketing campaign with a personalized issuer, the addition of a STOP statement is mandatory. Mailify manages it automatically for you. Learn more about STOP

 Watch the video on this topic: