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How can I manage my recipients’ replies to one of my SMS campaigns?

The “Replies” tab for your SMS campaign statistics allows you to handle replies from recipients who’ve responded to your SMS campaign.

A red dot on the tab indicates the number of unread replies in your inbox.

A list of replies will appear when you click on the “Replies” tab.

Telephone: indicates the phone number for the recipient who replied to your message.
Last message: indicates the text content of the last message received.
Date and time: indicates the date and time of the receipt of the last message received.
Actions: you can take a specific action on the message: reply, add the number to the unsubscribe list, delete the message. After clicking on the “Reply” button at the end, a new window will pop up.

This new window displays your conversation history with that telephone number.

A data entry field allows you to type your reply and you can send your message by clicking on the “Reply” button.

Please note that when you reply to a recipient, your mailing will be deducted from your credits as per the same rules in effect for a classic SMS campaign. A character count allows you to see how many routing credits will be debited for each reply.

Each of your replies will be saved in your conversation history with the recipient(s) in question where you can view them at any time.