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How to write the content of my SMS?

Watch the video on this topic:

Enter the content of your message directly in the box provided, directly in the smartphone on your screen.

 For the record, an SMS contains 160 characters, which is equivalent to an SMS routing credit.

You can send messages of more than 160 characters. You will be debited with 1 or 2 additional credits depending on the length of your message. This one will be able to contain 450 maximum.

Keep in mind that some links, dynamic fields, STOP, or special characters may consume more characters and cause you to consume more credits than expected.

Some writing tips...

The strength of your SMS lies in its ability to be remembered.

In a general way, be precise, concise and dynamic in the tone of your speech. Do not hesitate to play on the punctuation or return to the line for more readability.

Try to synthesize your message in less than 160 characters, even if you have to insert a link to a landing page to say more.

Give priority to instantaneity! It is recommended to promote offers available immediately, and easily accessible, rather than deferred because the SMS is a communication channel causing your recipients to react in the moment.

Do not miss the opportunity to impact your recipients by offering them an offer that matches their expectations. An increased knowledge of your target will allow you to offer messages that will attract their attention.