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What is interval-based sending?

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When you are about to send your email campaign, instead of sending it all immediately or scheduling it (delayed sending), you can choose to send your campaign in stages, or 'intervals'.

Interval-based sending is an option that allows you to split a large campaign into multiple, smaller batches and has several advantages.

You have the option of defining the number of messages sent per minute, using the cursor that appears when you have activated the timing option.

It should be noted that, the more the defined sending rate leans towards zero, the lower the volume of each batch. The higher the number of batches sent, the more likely the deliverability of your emails will improve; In terms of deliverability, a mass sending made one single burst, will be more likely to be considered as Spam than multiple smaller batches spread over time (even if it is not the only factor influencing the deliverability: read more).

In addition to the potential gain in deliverability, one of the advantages of the interval-based sending is that it allows you to better manage the workload of your Sales and Support teams following the launch of a marketing campaign.

When you send a large campaign in one blast - if successful - can overload your resources, whether human or technological, and make it challenging to process all of your contacts' replies. For example:

  • Your call center could be overwhelmed if it was not sufficiently staffed to handle a high volume of calls after entering your phone number in a mass campaign.
  • Too many clicks on a redirect link to your store could make it inaccessible if your server is not sized to receive so many simultaneous visits.
  • Too many email responses from your customers in a very short period of time could take several days to be processed by your teams, and a lack of responsiveness could discourage some of your contacts.

Distributing the sending of a marketing campaign over time can greatly contribute to the quality of processing the responses.

Difference with predictive sending

If you have an Exclusive subscription, you can opt for predictive sending of your email campaigns.

This is a technology developed by Mailify that allows you to distribute the sending of your email campaigns over time, as well as the manual timing of the sending defined above.

The big difference between these two features is as follows:

  • With interval-based sending, your shipments are randomly split into several batches, depending on the frequency of shipment you have defined.
  • With predictive sending, your mailings are split into several batches, but the distribution of recipients in the different batches is not random: Artificial intelligence makes it possible to define "which mailings should leave at which time, for which recipient", in order to optimize the engagement rate of your email as much as possible.

Learn more about predictive sending.