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How to create a preheader for my email campaigns?

What's a preheader?

This is the text that appears in the preview of your inbox next to or below the subject line of your email.

It usually completes the subject line of the email and gives an overview of the campaign content. Therefore, it plays a key role in optimizing the opening rate.

How to add a preheader to your email campaigns in Mailify?

No coding skills are required to add a preheader to your campaigns with Mailify. All you have to do is fill in the "Pre-header" field in the "Edit" step of your emailing campaign.

As with the subject line, an indicator helps you to determine the ideal length of your preheader.

If it is too long, the indicator will change from green to yellow to red. This is indication is based on an estimate of the readability of your preheader in most inboxes. This tool rates the length of your pre-header but doesn't measure the the quality of the text.

The preheader of your campaign will be displayed in the preview of your recipients' inboxes but will not appear in the body of your campaign message.

Warning: In case you forget to fill in a preheader in the corresponding field of your email campaign, the first sentence of the body of your message will be detected as a preheader by webmails and other inboxes by default.

How long should be your email preheader ?

The main difficulty in writing a preheader is that the displayed length is different depending on the inboxes and device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) used by your recipients. The recommended length to be displayed correctly in most inboxes is usually between 30 and 35 characters.