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Status of your campaign

Immediate sending

When your campaign is ready and you send it immediately, it is first sent to Mailify's routing servers in order to be moderated (except if your account is set to "automatic moderation") .

The different campaign status after finalization:

Validation in progress
Your campaign is awaiting validation by our team. Validation is done from 8am to 11pm during the week, and from 9am to 11pm on weekends and holidays.
While waiting for your campaign to be validated or rejected, it is not possible to submit a new version.
In case you would like to make a change to your campaign before the definite sending, you can click "Cancel Sending" to stop the process.

Sending in progress
Once validated, your campaign is being sent.
The progress is displayed in percents, and refreshes approximately every 5 minutes. This progress indicator displays the routing status of your campaign. The state of the session can stagnate for a few hours before reaching the full 100%: The remaining percentages are email addresses that the routing platform tries to reach several times. Within a period of approximately 48 hours after launch, the full 100% will be reached when Mailify definitively considers these email addresses as bounces. "

Generally, the rejection of a campaign is either related to a technical problem in the reception of your campaign, or to a violation of the Anti Spam Policy. In this case, please edit your campaign and submit a new version."

Scheduled sending

You can also choose to schedule your campaign for a certain day and time.
To do this, click on Finalize Campaign and select "Deferred". Then set the date and time of your choice, and click on ""Schedule"". The campaign will then be submitted directly to the moderation and will be sent on the predefined date, unless the campaign is rejected by our moderation department.