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What are the different types of emailing campaigns?

Before you start creating your message, you need to choose the type of campaign you want to send.

You can create 3 types of email campaigns in Mailify Sunrise:


  • Standard Campaign: Send an HTML email with an alternate version of plain text. The multipart HTML format makes it possible to enrich the layout and the content (images, styles...) and also to send attachments.


  • A/B test: Evaluate the performance of a campaign by sending two different versions to two groups of contacts in your base (samples) selected randomly. The version that gets the best performance is then sent to the rest of the list.


  • Automatic campaign: Automatically trigger the sending of campaigns according to defined events (birthday, registration, etc.). Create your own scenarios with sequences of emails and/or personalized SMS.




Click on the type of campaign of your choice to proceed to the next step.