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How to synchronize your Shopify contacts within Mailify ?



In your Mailify account, go to the menu "Contact lists" then click on the button "Create a list".

Create a list


Select "Synchronized list".

Synchronised list


Then select the "Shopify" connector. If the connector is not available, please contact our customer service.

Shopify connector


You will see a pop-up window with an API key and an Account ID. Copy them and validate before going to your Shopify store.


Shopify connector settings


Now go to your Shopify store with your API key and accountID.

Launch the Mailify application and enter the account ID and the API key in the corresponding field and click on "Submit".


Submit Account


The plugin settings are now complete on the Shopify side.

Once the account ID and the API key have been registered, you can :

  • Trigger a manual synchronization using the "Resynchronize" button. Please note that the synchronization of your Shopify list is otherwise done automatically a few minutes after an event is recorded in it.
  • Register a new Account ID and API key by clicking the "Submit" button.


Plugin settings successful


Back in Mailify, go to "Contact lists", then to "Synchronized lists". After synchronization, your list will appear in the contact lists of your Mailify account.


Synchronised Shopify List


NB: a temporary list is created upon validation of the popin indicating your account ID and your API key. This temporary list disappears in favor of the real list when the setup is complete on the Shopify side (when you have entered and saved your account ID and API key).

List waiting for synchronization