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Why do I need to create a landing page?

Watch the video on this topic:

A Landing Page, is a page on which a user arrives after clicking on a link.

Whether this link is placed on an advertising banner, on a blog post, on a video, in an email or in an SMS, the landing page must correspond to the expectations of the user who clicked on it, both in terms of content and design, ergonomics and ease of navigation.

Who has ever clicked on a link to a page where the content does not correspond with the expectations? Or a page not suitable for mobile device? In this case, the reaction is always the same: the visitor immediately leaves the page.

Therefore creating landing pages have the following advantages:

  • A short and impactful communication, with a link to more details:
    This is particularly the case when you create an SMS marketing campaign.  An SMS must be short to be impacting and easily remembered. Keeping the message short and concise can sometimes be a little frustrating. By adding a link to your landing page in the body of the message, you can say the basics in your SMS and go into more detail on the landing page associated with your SMS. This way, your message becomes more powerful.
  • Redirect your contacts to pages that show what they expect:
    Often, you simply redirect your contacts to the home page of your site, hoping they'll find what they're looking for...
    This is particularly the case when you do not have the technical means to add a page on your site that better reflects want to show to your contacts. But your developers are too busy to create this page, and you do not have time to wait...
    Reward your efforts! With the Landing Builder Mailify Sunrise you have a simple and intuitive tool allowing you to create your own web page, without any necessary technical skills, by dragging and dropping your content (images, text, logos, interactive maps, etc.). .
    You will be able to make links to pages that make sense for your contacts!
  • Be mobile, like your contacts.
    Want to send an email campaign or SMS that includes a link that's not suitable for mobile?
    A word of warning: This may cause you to spend a lot of energy but with few results... Your contacts might leave your site immediately because it's not "responsive" and doesn't display well on mobile.
    With the Landing Page Builder in Mailify Sunrise, the web page to which you redirect your contacts will be instantly created in mobile version, easily readable from a smartphone or tablet, and the return on investment of your campaign will be much better as a result..
  • Create as many landing pages as you want, without spending even € 1 more.
    You can create as many landing pages as you like without extra cost. Remember that for each of your communications a landing page can be very useful to make your contacts land on a page that really corresponds with their expectations. Therefore it provides a great opportunity to maximize the return on investment of your emailing or SMS campaign.