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How to manage my bounce list?

The bounce list is a list of email addresses that are no longer in use or are incorrect. These incorrect email addresses are automatically detected by Mailify Sunrise if they are indicated in the bounce list, or at the time of sending if the address has not yet appeared in the list.


Manage Bounces in Mailify


Once listed, these addresses are removed when you analyze the contacts, so they will not affect the deliverability of your future mailings.

For each bounced email addres in the list, you have information on:

  • cause of the bounce
  • email address
  • phone number
  • the name of the campaign from which the bounced address originates
  • the source indicating how the address was added: file, manual entry...
  • the creation date
  • the modification date



Add bounces

To add an email addres to your bounce list, click on button "Add a bounce" and slect one of the fllowing methods: file, manual entry, or copy/paste.




From a file

If you choose to import a file, a new window appears to suggest dragging the file into the window or selecting the file in the folders. For phone numbers, you can format phone numbers without an area code. After choosing your file, you just need to confirm by clicking on the green check mark.



Manual entry

If you choose to import via manual entry, a new field in the bounce list appears with the fields: cause, email, mobile number; campaign name, source, date of insertion, and modification date.



Copy paste

If you choose to copy/paste the addresses, a new window is displayed and you can paste the desired addresses into the bounce list. Accepted separators are “,” “, ” “;” or tab. For phone numbers, you can format without an area code. After choosing your file, you just need to confirm by clicking on the green check mark.



Export bounces

You can export all or a selection of bounced addresses to TXT or Excel file.



You can access the statistics of your bounced addresses by clicking on "Statistics". A window appears and you can analyze the distribution of your bounces according to the domain name.



You can delete all the addresses that appear in your bounce list. However, this modification is not recommended. If your campaigns have too many bounces in the contact list when sending, your campaign will be more easily considered spam.